Hello, Hermit Crab

50% egg, 50% magical girl

Hi there! My name is Vron and I'm a 3rd year student studying cartooning.

My Commissions!!are open again! Yay!

  1. Hoo hah hey there

    this is the first time I’m opening up commissions, so please be patient with me!!!

    My name is Wisba and I’m willing to draw stuff for you!!!

    For starters I’m opening up 5 Spots and my paypal/email is wisbaemail@gmail.com

    Simple style 1 - 4 USD for a pencil sketch or  5 USD colored w/ copic/prismacolor markers!  +.50 for additional characters. 

    Style 1 - 5 USD for either a pencil sketch or colored w/ copic/prismacolor markers!  +1.00 for additional characters

    Style 1 Digital - 10 USD for full body, negotiable price for bust/headshots or chibi’s!(Ranging from 5 to 7USD)

    Closer to 30 USD for painterly style depending on the complexity of your image!

    Style 2 - 7 USD for pencil sketch and 10 USD for  /colored with copics/prismacolor markers!

    Style 2 Digital - 10-15+ USD depending on the complexity of your image/colored/shaded and how many characters you want!! 

    Glitch Art-  -  15+ USD for animated, negotiable price (depending on preferred style and bust/full body/headshot etc) for non animated. 

    Please send me an inbox message (which I check more frequently) or email if you’re interested!! 

    (Oh, and yes, all my traditional art will probably be photographed with my phone and put through afterlight to make it look fancy. If you’d prefer just the picture or scanned image, please let me know!)

    ALSO: I won’t draw NSFW stuff and im not good at anthro/mecha/manly men BUT ILL TRY


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